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Thanks for your replies. I spoke to my mother yesterday about gastric bypass. She is a social worker in private practice and sees many clients. She has had clients who have had gastric bypasses, most of them are NOT happy with the results. One woman spent six months in a coma after hers. In fact, of the 2 dozen people my mother knows who's had this procedure, only ONE is very happy with the results. A man, who weighed almost 500 pounds, and could afford the reconstructive surgery a year later.

My mother actually said "My God, Lauralee, don't do it!" I usually follow her advise when it sound and based on experience.

My diabetes has been unmanagable as yet, I have been trying different meds/therapies. Currently I am on 48 units of Lantus, plus 1000mg Glucovance twice a day. I try to follow a strict diet based on the American Diabeties Association's guidelines. I also have received plenty of advice from the Diabetes board. I am always looking for new recepies to try.

I try to walk everyday, which is made easier by the fact that my car needs a new transmission now. I live in a small town in WV. It is one of original mining towns that no longer has a mine. Which means the town in on a hill. Everywhere I go there is up or down. Somedays, like today, it is too icy for me to walk. Unfortunately, the town does not care for it's sidewalks and walkways. They salt and cinder the roads, but not the sidewalks. Rails are missing, concrete is crumbling. So it's basically unsafe to walk in bad weather conditions, or even good weather conditions.

My mother has a treadmill that she's not using. She's going to discuss giving it to me with her husband (my step-father, who bought it for her), as I cannot afford to buy one on my own. I can't afford the gym, which is also about five miles away, or Curves which in only a half mile away.

I am not totally sedentary, as I spend the greater portion of my day cleaning something, cooking something, caring for my pets (three dogs, three cats, two hamsters, one betta fish). Now you see why I have so much housecleaning in this tiny house that I rent.

My husband is a large man, 5'8 and 325 lbs. He does not have high blood pressure or diabetes, or even high cholestrol. Figures!...He not real picky about what he eats either. He enjoys trying new things, so eating diabetic friendly foods is fine with him. His health problems are severe carpal tunnel in both arms and wrists and severe nerve damage from a back injury many years ago. He also has an underactive thyroid. We have no insurance, I have medicaid due to the diabeties, so he won't go to the doctor even though we only have to pay 20% of the total due to our income level.

I've probably given you way too much information about me and my husband, but I am trying to lose weight, and in fact, I have lost about 25 pounds since July. It's a slow process considering all the meds I am on (about 17) most have weight gain as a side effect.

Thanks again for your replies.