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A lot of your message hit the nail on the head. I am a type 1 diabetic and take injections. I was on 40 units of Lantus at night, sliding scale before meals, and 4 Glucovance pills a day. I am overweight and have been for years. Now I'm experiencing diabetic problems, with eyes and heart. I was in denial for years and finally had to face the music. So with my new problems, I lost weight. Still have more to lose. The problem with taking me off the Reg is because of morning lows. The doctor suggested I go off the Reg and just use the Lantus. My problem is that I can control my sugar with Reg and feel a little bit hesitant to totally get off it. As I know Lantus doesn't peak and works for 24 hours, my question is does Lantus alone work for others that have gone off the Reg. I don't want my sugar out of control anymore. I can't afford to be foolish with it anymore. Its real and by all hopes, it goes away, if I can take the rest of the extra weight off. Then controlled by diet.
If you have type 1, the Lantus alone won't work. Why does he have you on glucovance if you are type 1? Do you have insulin resistance too?
Thanks for the replies because there good questions to ask my doctor, ifhe would take the time to answer them. When he first started my treatment he called me totally insulin dependent. But at that time I was 50 lbs heavier. Then my numbers fluctuated all during the day so that was the cause of Reg before meals. I would moniter right before dinner without eating lunch and my numbers would be in the 300 & 400's. He explained to me that the reg sliding scale was a fast quick to bring my sugar levels down and the Lantus was a constant insulin that worked longer. My morning levels were always high so that blew my mind that he would take the reg away. My last doctors visit he said just take the glucovance and Lantus and drop the Reg, so I'm in total confusion. I can't afford another heart attack and I can't afford the glaucoma to get any worse in my eyes. He's not a doctor to argue with so this leaves me out in left field.I have no insurance so I can't afford to change doctors.

I'm trying the Lantus alone now with the pills but my numbers range from 100's to 300 during the day and anywhere from the 30's and 40's in the mornings. I guess I wanted someone to tell me they were taking the same thing, and their diabete sugar levels were getting better. I don't know if it takes time for the meds to begin to level out or if I'm messing out not taking the regular. And I'm not blaming the doctor because he's not me and living with what I am. But he's certainly too busy to explain anything to me. I have to control the diabetes because my hearts already diseased and my eyes are worse. Frankly it's scaring me to death.
MamaK, my mom takes lantus 70 units and humalog on a sliding scale before meals. She has no problems since she started the lantus. I don't understand why your dr. prescribed the glucovance.

Have your dr. done any tests to see why you bs spikes at times. There is a test my mom's endo did called cgmst or something like that. it's something to consider. My mom also has heart disease and definitely eye problems (retinopathy) caused by asprin therapy. She has had four laser surgeries in right eye and three i the left eye. her vision is really bad 20/70 and 20/60. I think you need to do a little research and then confront your dr, its your body and only you can say what is right for you.

My mom's old dr. used to intimidate her and she just went along to get along, then she had a heart attack from vioxx. Everything turned around for her after that.