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My doctor told me apples were alright and so are cantaloupes in moderation but no bananas and no watermelons. Now I take Glucovance and I used to take 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night and I too felt like I needed to take a pill in the afternoon and my doctor told me I could have 1 pill in the morning and and 1 in the afternoon and then my 2 at night. Your husband should check his blood sugar in the afternoon to see if it's high and if it is he needs to discuss it with his doctor so he can make the necessary changes in his medication. I'm not sure if every hospital has this but where I live the hospitals have nutritional classes for diabetes for free and they will give you a chart that tells you what kinds of food to eat and how much of it you can have it also gives you a whole list of snacks that you can have and tells you about the free foods ( food that has no impact on your blood sugars) you can eat. So check with your doctor and ask him where you can get nutritional classes for diabetes.Good luck.