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I have been doing some thinking, my BP is generally running around 150/100, and any meds or "home remedies" I try show some initial effect then quit doing anything.

Excercise seems to drop my BP to 140/95 or so, but that is probably just due to dilation of blood vessels due to "heating up" during the workout & the effect doesnt last all day

Last year I had a stress test, EKG, echocardiogram, and other than one of my heart valves being slightly off sized from normal they said I was "healthy as a horse" (whatever that means, i have seen sick horses before)

I believe stress is a contributing factor, but I have had mild trouble breathing ever since I worked in a grain mill for 5 years from 89 - 94 (my lungs were coated with soybean dust, used an inhaled steroid for a while until it broke up)

I am always a little short of breath & keep coughing up chunks of phlem

What I am wondering is, if my breathing isn't 100%, could this cause higher BP, and if so, would taking an OTC expectorant containing guaifenesin help (something like mucinex, robitussin, organidin, etc)

The next option might be a bronchodilator, but that would be a prescription med & they have side effects
It's possible that shortness of breath or feelings of chest congestion could up the old BP a bit.

Yes, try guaifenesin. I'd stay away from Robitussin, since it also usually contains a cough suppressant (and alcohol?) which you probably don't need. Straight guaifenesin in Mucinex or Organidin might be enough to loosen the phlegm and make you much more comfortable. If you have bronchospasm though, over-the-counter Bronkaid is a product that works well (400mg guaifenesin per tab) BUT it ALSO has ephedrine (not a bad bronchodilator) which unfortunately ain't good for the ol' BP if taken too frequently. And it can speed up the heart rate in some people.

zuzu xx

P.S. Are you not on any BP meds right now? Any you haven't tried yet? It would be great to get your #s down a little more.