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  1. Rapidly rising systolic
    ... it in he wanted me to take for a bladder condition ( guaifenesin ). At the time, I didn't have HBP at all (it averaged...
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  2. new idea
    ... if so, would taking an OTC expectorant containing guaifenesin help (something like mucinex, robitussin, organidin...
    ... congestion could up the old BP a bit. Yes, try guaifenesin . I'd stay away from Robitussin, since it also usually ... alcohol?) which you probably don't need. Straight guaifenesin in Mucinex or Organidin might be enough to loosen ... counter Bronkaid is a product that works well (400mg guaifenesin per tab) BUT it ALSO has ephedrine (not a bad bronchodilato...