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Does your doctor hold up a cross and start chanting incantations when you ask for your annual bottle of diazepaam.:D:D

The scenario is always that the very best drugs get popular on the street and then get controlled to the max and are treated as taboo and are replaced by some more useless crapola.
The relatively useless drugs with multiple dangerous side-effects are the ones that continue to get prescribed.

Meanwhile the good drugs of yore: the barbiturates of the 50's and the Quaaludes of the '60's (for sleep) and the, the Miltowns and the Valiums for tension, the amphetamines for weight loss.
These pills, because they got popular because they worked well (too well?) were replaced by the nighmarish Halcion, stupid and overprice Ambien, and killer phen-phen and the truly awful lorazepaam [Ativan] (panic drug...that CAUSES panic.)

It's all so wrong headed.

If they ever found a hypertension drug that FELT good, they'd immediately have to ban it and only the street junkies and people who live near Mexico would have smiles on their faces and well-controlled blood pressure.:D

I've seen the pattern repeated so often. I guess one of the ways to beat the addictive quality of drugs is to make them all feel REALLY bad! They're succeeding eminently.:(