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I have a friend who has schitzoefffective disorder? He is on antidepressants and Risperidol? But the main problem is that he does not sleep on a regular basis? I just don't get it? HE goes from completely stable to just a disorganized complete mess? They had him on the pill form of Risperidol which he was doing great? then changed to the injection for risperidol and it iis like he is not even on a medication? He sips liquied all day long and forgets if he drinks cocoa and too much cafienated coffe then he will be wired? But even when he doesn' thave caffien he goes 2 and 3 days with no sleep? I have been tryi ng to help him wihthall this since last June? He has been in teh mental health facility 2 times in 6 months? One time he was really psyched out on HALDOL and caffien and no sleep? The police had to come get him? Phones ringing , loud noises and bright lights really get to him inthe home? He loves to go out? Butcan't tollerate much excitement in teh home?
ANy advice on at least teh sleep problem? He is not supppose to take over the counter medications for sleep w/out doctor's ok?