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If you're a schizophrenic, I highly suggest a shake of vitamins and supplements I came up with after years of "research" ;) (they're easy to find in most healthfood stores). They can alleviate some symptoms and maybe even replace your meds in part - if your doctor suggests this offcourse.
I'll also explain what everything does.

Warning! Check with your doctor first to see if you can actually take these supplements! Failure to comply may or may not result in certain, unescapeable death, which may or may not have long-lasting negative effects.

Supplement: Omega 3 - Fish Oil
What it does: Increase deficient EPA and DHA fatty acids in your system.
Why it works: A study has shown that schizophrenics showed significant improvement taking Omega 3 alongside their meds. A following study tried to replace the meds entirely , but was cancelled.

Supplement: Valerian - Herb/capsules/thee
What it does: Increases (ie. inhibits reuptake of) GABA neurotransmitters ofwhich deficiencies have being linked to Schizophrenia.
Why it works: Benzodiazepines like Xanax and Valium *decrease* GABA in the brain as their main mode of action. As such, these meds have side-effects such as Hallucinations and Paranoia a lot of people that took them can relate to.

Supplement: Cobalamin - Vitamin B12
What it does: Ensures nervous system works like it should.
Why it works: Many cases have being known where B12 deficiency masked itself as Alzheimer, dementia or Schizophrenia. A long-lasting severe deficiency can cause permanent brain damage. (I personally have being deficient for 15 years and as such know what it can do. I used to have a 175 IQ, now it's just 110 and I keep falling down in the dark :p )
Extra benefits: Very cheap, and it's a vitamin with no known toxidity. I personally take tablets rated at 1,000,000 times the RDA daily.
Tip: Get sublingual methylcobalamin tablets if you can find them as in some people the stomach can't use B12. They (including me) require shots every few weeks. Sublingual tablets seem to bypass the stomach and work like shots. Try combining it with small amounts (50% the RDA) of folic acid for added benefits, unless your doctor tells you you can't.

Supplement: Glycine - Amino acid
What it does: Does NMDA receptor householding.
Why it works: Angeldust or 'PCP' blocks a part of brain cells called the NMDA receptor. People on this drug often have schizophrenia-like side effects. Glycine has being proven to do the opposite, and it has being shown to alleviate most negative symptoms of schizophrenia in a study.
Problem: You need a hell of a lot of Glycine for it to cross the blood-brain barrier ...
Link: [ please do not post commercial websites ]

Definitely avoid:
- Phenylalanine. This is a precursor to the norepinephrine and dopamine neurotransmitters, both ofwhich increased amounts have being thought of as being the cause of schizophrenia.

- Amphetamines. Ritalin, speed, cocaïne, etc. work by increasing dopamine. Haldol, an antipsychotic, actually does little else than decrease dopamine. So stay clear of it.

- Strattera, Cymbalta, Effexor, .. All meds with Norepinephrine reuptake inhibiting features should be avoided, as too much Norepinephrine is linked to schizophrenia. More so, taking these drugs make a lot of "normal" people temporarliy psychotic. The warning in the box of these drugs even tell you to avoid it if you're suffering from psychosis.

- Xanax, valium, .. All benzodiazepines decrease the GABA neurotransmitter. You wouldn't want that to happen when a shortage is linked to schizophrenia. Almost everyone taking a benzo for longer than a year will eventually experience hallucinations in one form or another.

Remember! Use this info with caution! Always check with your doctor first!
Allthough these supplements are widely availeable and extremely safe, everyone is different! If you have fish allergies, don't take Omega 3 fish oils for example!

Good luck! ;)