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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) (CRPS) board

  1. My Second Epidural Infusion - Very Different!
    ... whatever an hour at my request when they removed my hep-lock when I was discharged. As with the first, the procedure...

Cancer: Prostate board

  1. Prostatectomy, What Worked For me
    ... going to happen to me in the next few hours, had a hep-lock installed in the back of my hand (didn’t hurt) and ... was given an injection through the hep-lock that put me under. I woke up 2 and ¼ hours later...

Lyme Disease board

  1. Tony64 and Itsmylife
    ... 4 days and the line clotted. Now I have to have a Hep-Lock inserted twice/wk. for the banana bag. I just have...