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Well, here goes. Who knows what will happen. Today's weight was 167 1/4, b/p was 149/60, p 56. I take 900mg of Lebetalol (alpha/beta blocker) twice a day and HCTZ once a day. I have acid reflux so I have to allow for that in my diet & exercise routine.

Today, I had my Sunday special:\

egg, cheese with one tsp margarine (fleishman-lots of flavor)
idaho potato microwaved, the sliced & fried in 1 1/2 tsp oil
1/2 cup green pepper fried in olive oil (usually have yellow onion too)
1/2 c. tomatoes (grape)
orange juice slush (frozen orange juice in a small plastic tubberware bowl)
I make up the orange juice with 1/2 the amount of water

Two slices of ww P.farm ww bread with 2 tsp margarine & 2 tsp raspberry jam

A salad for supper with 3 veggies-one is my favorite shredded carrots with a sprinkling of sugar on the carrots along with white vinegar & apple cider vinegar. Makes a nice sweet & sour taste.
3 tsp blue cave blue cheese on top of the tomatoes. Everything is layered. Oh, I also sprinkle 1 tsp bacon bits on top along with kraft poppyseed dressing (2 tsp)

I had another two slices of bread which had been toasted in the oven so it was hard like melby toast. Still I felt bloated. I think I must have a gluten allergy. I may asked my Dr. for some tests.

So my totals are one fruit, 6 veggies, 4 bread, 4 milk group, 4 1/2 fat & calories 1317.

I try to drink 10 glasses of fluid in the form of plain water, juice, milk, tea.
I start the day with 16 oz of very hot water which I sip while getting dressed & exercising (walk one hr). I love the taste of the Brita fillered water. I used to always have tea first thing in the am but now I always want water. After walking, I ride my exercise bike for my knees & so I can write in my journal for 1/2 hr. I have a low recumbent bike so that I can write on a small table next to it. I find it very relaxing.

Drinking fluid before eating works the best for those of us who have acid relux and or hiatal hernia. This way the stomach doesn't get too full & spill acid into the esophagus.

I take my meds either after I eat or in between eating different foods. I usually use yogurt, pumpkin custard (homemade,lowfat/sugar), & raspberry jam to mask the taste & prevent irritation to the throat & stomach.

I don't usually eat lunch as I find it is easier just to eat one large meal in the am & then my milk, sl. cheese, & perhaps a salad for supper. This way I can go swimming in the afternoon without having acid reflux.

I drink another 16oz of hot water or cold in the after noon & maybe some tea.

The rest of the fluid is usually water with my meds.

I haven't been able to swim for about two wks because my pool wate got way out of balance. Hopefully, that will be corrected this week.

Also, I can't find a source yogurt which I usually have everyday so I may have to start making my own again. The brand I usually buy has had some taste problems so I had to take back a whole bunch of it. It gave stomach pain as well.

The carnation instant powdered milk that I love is also not availalble so I may have to order it. For now, I'm using a geneic brand which is not as tasty. I try to eat the tastiest food available with the lowest calories.

I am really motivated to lose weight in order to cut down on my meds. I keep reading these reports of problems with meds & it scares me. Just yesterday there was a report about heparin being contaminated with something. It was made in China in a plant that had not been inspected.