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My father has been suffering from high blood pressure. He is 59 years old. While on job, he suffered sudden loss of speech and sweating. When rushed to hospital, in CT scan doctors didnt see bleeding. In MRI scan, they found clotting in the brain at two places. One on left side of the brain and another in the left back side of the brain which is in the forming stage.
After 3 to 4 days, he regained 70% of the speech. Doctors adviced to consult cardiologist to check for any blockages in the heart as they see that diastolic relaxation is not proper. After angeogram, doctors confirms three focal liasons of which two are on smaller branches in the left ventrical of the heart. They performed angeoplasty on seventh day from his brain stroke. They have used Heparin and ecosprin and (aspirin as well , not sure). After 12 hours of Heparin Intravenous injection, he was looking normal for 12 hours. And suddenly, between 24 hrs to 36 hours, he developed brain haemorrhage. The condition become very critical and neuro physician said it is due to Heparin. All the medication given for heart are stopped immediately. He is suffering from full loss of speech and paralytic effect on right hand and right leg. He is consious and understanding when we talk . Doctors said we need to follow conservative medicine and allow body physiology to take care of stopping bleeding . Bleeding seem to stop after 2 days as he was getting vomitings, which doctors said, is a symptom of bleeding. Its been 9 days now and he suffered minor heart ache and sweating two times but is looking weak. We are giving him fluids thru pipe.
Can someone suggest if there is any medicine to make him recover completely. Is current medication which doctors are following is correct ?
Doctors said there is risk of heart attack in next 2 to 3 weeks but they do not want to use any medicine for heart or brain as they effect other one.