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Hi Lynne-Kay,

I can totally relate to you. I too was very active until this RA hit me, and then my whole life changed. I have done the rounds of Prednisone with the dreaded weight gain. I know what you mean about trying to get off and then the pain hits you like nothing else. Humira is the only thing so far that has given my life back to me. Yes it is expensive, even after the Insurance pays, but it has been well worth it. It has allowed me to get off of the Prednisone and finally feel like I am among the living again. I still have flares, but nothing like before.

I hate all the side effects of these drugs, but so far I have not had any problems. The Prednisone is the worst. It is a wonder drug that can give you relief and a feeling of euphoria, but long term it is not so good. Work with your doctor and keep after him until you get the right combination of meds that work for you. Also check with your doctors office and your hospital, see if they know of programs that will assist you with the cost of the meds.

Bests of luck to you and hope you find relief.