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My doctor has given me the choice of enbrel or humira. I've read many of your posts on here and it seems as though one works for some, while others are more successful with the other. So, I was wondering about the costs of these drugs? Is one more expensive than the other? I'm thinking that since I have to "experiment" to see which one works for me,,,why not begin with the least expensive? Thanks! Maryann
here in ireland, all medication will not cost over 84 euros. i know each humira injection costs 700 euros but i dont pay that much thank god.
been on humira since may and i swear its amazing. i never had such a bad flare up than i had in may. both ankles were swollen and sore. both knees had fluid on them and were soooo painful. couldnt even stand up with the pain. my wrist was sore and swollen, couldnt move it and my elbow was swollen and very sore for the first time. i was also on crutches since i had an op on my foot

the docs said it might take up to 3 months for it to work but 12 hours after my first injection i have felt a huge difference and im soooo glad i started taking it. now most of my joints feel perfect :)