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hi megan. i was diagnosed with RA when i was 16, now 27 so i can completely understand what you are going through and trying to explain to people what you have or why you are limping or why you are constantly tired. it sucks!
i have been on every type of medication i think there is out there at the moment and my last resort is humira, which is an injection i do every two weeks. the docs say that it could cause cancer which they arent sure of, but if it means time being pain free and happy well its worth it. it worked pretty instantly when i took it first but my joints are acting up again

i have RA in my toes, both ankles, both knees, hip, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, chest and jaw. i had a hip replacement nearly 2 years ago and an operation on my big toe last year, and an operation to remove some of my intestine since i have crohns disease too which can be linked to arthritis. reading over that it seems really serious , everything ive gone through but i dont feel like it is. i just take it day by day first operation iwas soooo scared but everything was great. i was up out of my bed 1 day after the hip replacement and home and all in a week.

it is really hard when things flare up and your friends or family dont understand. your life sometimes goes on hold and it feels so unfair. it got to the stage where i stopped telling my parents when i got a flare up unless it was really bad and i couldnt hide it cos i didnt want to worry them. its something im gonna have forever and i need to be able to deal with it by myself

you seem like a very brave and confident person! so this disease will never take over you