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Thank you Mad for replying.
I just need to know does the redness spread? Mine started as a small round circle then ended up being my whole tummy it spread like wild fire. They have decided to take me off it and I start Humira in three weeks but if that doesn't work there is nothing left for me to try so here is hoping.
Thanks again.
Olivia :)
Hi Mad,
I had my first injection and you weren't kidding about it hurting more than enbrel. I never felt the enbrel but getting the Humira was like getting a tetnus vaccination it was so painful. Just hope I can get used to it or at least it works somehow.
Thanks again
Olivia :)
Hi Olivia,

Have been taking Enbrel for about 6 Months now. For the first three months I developed a rash at the injection site that started small and grew to about half the size of my stomach. Sometimes it would also bring a rash on the other side of my stomach where I had done the previous injection. My rheumatologist told me that it would go away the more I did the injections. Occasionally it still itches when I take my shot but no rash. Hope Humira works. Hope this helps.
Thank you everyone for responding it is comforting to find that you dont experience these things alone. I agree if the drug companies tried them on themselves I am sure we would have painful injections or even cures by now.

Scott you explained what I was experiencing the same. They took me off it though so I will never know if it worked or not. The one thing that I have found though that has made injections pain free is to put an ice pack on the site of the injection for at least ten minutes before the injection as this truly numbs the site. Hold your injection in your hand til warm also. When my rheumy did this for me I didn't feel a thing not even the needle go in and after the first time of Humira I made him show me the empty syringe as I didnt believe he had given it to me.
I hope this helps you all as it really has made a big difference for me.
God bless
Olivia :)