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I was going to give the glucosamine a try but found out that the chrondrotin part of it was made from shell fish which I am extremely allergic to and the doctors said not to do it. Bummer....I know several people who think it really helps them.

The AS is why they gave you the heavy duty drugs. My sister, with RA, is on Humira. That, with cortisone, is helping her immensely. She has to be very careful to stay well but so far has had no major problems. She is younger than me--45.

My physiatrist, chronic pain and rehab guy, is now concerned with why I am having major ossification in my foot bones. I looked that up to see what it could mean but who knows! It does explain he said why my top foot bones are so painful.

My main pain, other than spine and FM, is in my hand bones. I am usually "claw handed" in the morning and can't get much relief. Seems more in the bones in the palms rather than the finger joints, but they hurt also.

Thanks for the reply. I pray you feel better quickly on your new meds and keep the effect going!!