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Hi Thistle,

I was on infliximab and I was having the infusion every six weeks 250mg. I would get to the fifth week too and it just didnt last long enough. I am now on Humira and because that is an injection every two weeks I am going really great with it. They took me of Remicade because it just didn't go the distance maybe you might be able to try Humira. There has been no side affects so far (touch wood). The actual injection hurts if you dont chill the site first. Worth having a talk to your specialist about it.

Good luck
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Olivia :)
hey! i started humira back in may. they told me that it could take anything up to 3 months for it to start, but i was lucky, within 12 hours my joints were a lot better. my ankles were sore, both knees, my wrist and my elbow, and i was on crutches too so i was finding it very hard and it worked fantastic


back in december i had to have a bowel resection and about a month after that my joints flared up, happened after my last op too in april so thats why i was put on humira.. at the moment my fingers are very sore as are my ankles and knees. im just prayin to god it kicks in again
I'm, or was, suffering from Psoriatic Arthiritis for 15 plus years and like I said on other threads on this board, I started taking Humira last month and the results were simply outstanding. No, life saving. I'm one of those persons who are let's say, afraid of needles but after suffering with constant joint pain for so long, I started Humira. After 24 hours of the first treatment, the pain in my joints stopped. I still felt weak though but after my second shot, I felt much much better. However, after the third treatment, I did start to feel some of the side effects of Humira such as: joint point (that's really ironic but it's on the Humira website) and backache. But, after a few days, the aching joints are fine and my back doesn't hurt that much as I'm able to stand straight.