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Hello everyone. I'm new to these forums.

Anyway, I read that Terras1mom is taking Naproxin 500 mg. I was taking Naproxin for my Psoriatic Arthiritis for 3 plus years until very recently when it was discovered that the Naproxyn was wreaking havoc with my kidneys. Suffice it to say, I was on the verge of kidney failure and had to be hospitalized for a few days.

My rhumetologist proscribed to me Humira and let me tell you, I am greatful that I got over my fear of needles and started using Humira. What 15 plus years of ointments, pills, etc. for both my psorasis and psoriatic arthiritis didn't do, Humira took care of in 4 weeks!!

To me, Humira is a miracle drug and I feel great. My skin has cleared and my joints don't hurt.

A big thanks to the people who invented Humira and another big thanks to my rhumatologist for prescribing it to me.

Btw, I've had no bad side effects (other than the itching all over which I read on another section is a Humira side effect) so I'm very happy.