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Hi All: Misty I'm glad this works for you and Taape, maybe you need to take it longer??? I took it for a month and didn't get any benefits. I'm willing to try it another month but if it doesn't work by then I can't get it filled again.

Misty: Like we talked about before, my insurance won't pay for it an I tried to get them to add it as a drug exception, but they won't do it. I had to pay 90.80 for a month supply 1 pill 2 x's a day (250 mg). That price was also a discounted price that I got, it actually cost apprx 130.00 for 60 tabs (250 mg).

Harry: Good luck with this, I hope your insurance will pay for it, because there are NO alternatives for this. Your dr should be able to give you samples at first.

Have any of you tried Humira, or Enbrel??? I know the Enbrel is really expensive injection, (1400.00) a mo but does it work??? My insurance will cover that at a 60.00 copay, but I don't know if it works.

Good luck to you all, and I hope this next month shows some results with limbrel. I have severe oa of the spine and probably everyother joint, so I'm having a hard time with the intense pain throughout my body. I was recently tested for rheumatoid arthritis, but don't have my results yet.:wave: :wave: