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Hi Jim,

It really is a roller coaster ride til you find what works for you. I too went on to TNF's and the Dr saw fit to announce to all the staff to look after my medicine as it cost so much. I just gave him a really angry stare. No one needs to know my business. I am on humira which is a TNF and it has been great I also take 5mg prednisone and glaucosamine. I was able to dance at my daughters 21st last week but this week couldn't get out of bed. I just feel like I am in limbo with my life until they sort out my meds. I had to leave my job that I loved with all my heart and stop doing all the sports that I was doing and it's like someone has a list of all the things important to me and they are taking them away one by one. I guess though as they say there is always someone worse off than yourself and when they say that to me I always say yeah I know I'm the one worse off than you.. Keeping busy is the key and swimming if possible it really does help in the hydrotherapy pool where its warm and takes most of your weight but in turn builds up your muscles but its hard to get there when you cant walk.
Ronnie is right keep your chin up as much as possible. I am not going to say stay positive because you cant but stay focused on what you want out of life and that should help some.
Take care
Kind regards
Olivia :)