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Hi, helen26:

I 'might' know what you are going through, since you could have AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis). You should be tested for the HLA B27 antigen and go right off starches. Professor (emeritus, Kings College) Ebringer's 'four major poisons:' Bread, cake, pasta, and potatoes. There is a No-Starch Diet Forum good to check out and also Ebringer's San Antonio notes with Pre-AS symptoms suggested by Agarwal.

I have had AS for more than 35 years, and treated it myself for the first half of that but eventually caved in to allopathic (mis-)"treatment." Careful with NSAIDs; they can greatly accelerate AS. SZ is a good drug, but takes about two months to work, and one month to 'ramp up' to therapeutic levels (around 3000mg daily). I hope that you are taking the ENTERIC-COATED version in UK called salazopyrin-EN (I think...here in US it is Azulfidine-EN)--in this form it is orders of magnitude more effective than uncoated in treating AS.

This can be treated using antibiotics, but they are a two-edged sword, often causing more problems. I developed my own protocol and contributed some recipes, since with this particular disease, DIET IS EVERYTHING (and doctors are dangerous, especially those who claim diet is 'junk science' or such garbage; food is medicine or poison--we are learning that now...).

The better drug (albeit not as good a proper antibiotics) choices for most people are the biologic DMARDs like Enbrel and Humira, but these can be made more effective and have extended useful lifetime by combining this therapy with the NSD.

Be patient, you can regain your health best by your own efforts and you shall if You Will,
I too have seronegative RA. I have taken sulfasalazine in the past and did not find it particularly helpful. Be prepared for some neon yellow urine from the drug.

I take cylobenzaprine (muscle relaxer) at night, ultram (as needed for pain), methtrexate (25 mg/week), predinisone (as needed for flares), and am getting ready to begin taking humira.

I would ask to see a rheumatologist if your are not seeing one...not sure how the medical system works in the UK. Humira is an expensive drug, but is believed to block TNF, and reduce joint destruction.

Good luck to you.