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I have been diagnosed with AS and have had it for over 12 months. I have a couple of questions which I hope someone can answer.

My question is: Has anyone heard off this disease being sparked off by a 'gastro bug' in those who are HLA-B27? This is how my Rhume thinks I contracted the disease.

Also, I have been told I will start Humira in the next week. What are the chances of getting cancer from this kind of medication?

For background info I have been on Methotrexate and Feldine for 10 months with no effect. I have tried Celebrex, Prexige and Voltaren. The disease started in my RH SI joint. Since then it has progressed to cat 3 sacroiliitis (Next cat is fusion to the spine)
It has also progressed into my LH SI joint, both kness and now my back which is giving me alot of diffuculty and pain in mobility.
The strongest pain killer I have taken is Panedine Forte, which now does not work. My GP will not give me anything stronger. I have also been taking Feldine, which my Rhume has said to double up on when I have a flare up. No one will perscribe me any pain relief, which is causing me alot of stress and is effecting my career.

What can I say to the GP or Rhume to get some pain relief without looking like a drugie? It seems like such a stuggle to get any help from Doctor's.

Any help or advice is much appriciated.

Thought i would share my experience which may help you. I developed reactive arthritis 4 1/2 years ago. I was a fitness trainer, very fit and healthy. It was 18 months before i had a diagnosis because i battled with it thinking it was from too much work/stress. It started as a sore back, then jaw and wrist. It was traced back to a severe bout of food poisoning. Over the next 3 years the disease progressed and I could hardly walk or even get out of bed. I am sure you know the story. I tried all the meds, vioxx, prednislone, methotrexate, sulphsalazine, cortisone etc. Nothing worked and i thought my life was over. My joints and back were deteriorating as a result. Then i went to my rheumy and asked about humira which i had read about in the newspaper - a young guy with AS who had got his life back with it. 1 month later i started it and noticed a difference almost immediately. Within 2 weeks i had my life back. I could go to the gym, my joints were getting better, swelling gone and no more back pain. I still can't run because of the damage to my vertabrae but i have been on it for 3 months now and i don't have any pain whatsoever. It has worked and i have talked to the nurse at the clinic i go to and she said that these results are typical. There have been no side effects whatsoever except for a little bit of redness about the size if a 20 cent piece where i inject it every 2 weeks in my stomach. THis goes within 2 days. As for the possibility of cancer, the risk of this is only very very small and if you live healthy and exercise then it is not even a risk as far as i am concerned because i had no quality of life or future before anyway. Now i do not even think of having arthritis because i do not have the daily pain to remind me. I do not need to go to the doctor all the time for joint problems and pain and i do not take any other meds at all - not ever panadol. I can't recommend it highly enough and would encourage anyone to try it if possible, especially if you are in the early stages of arthritis because it progresses quite quickly. If you have any questions i am happy to respond.