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I was diagnosed with RA a year ago. I first started with methotrexate injections which helped for a short time. My rheumatologist then prescribed Humira 40mg and then Humira w/trexall. Worked for a while, but joints, fatigue and cold weather really take a toll on me. He is now recommending Remecade. I'm a little nervous about taking this medicine. Not crazy about infusions. I just want to get rid of the fatigue. It seemed like my fatigue got worse with the combination of Humira and trexall. I asked about enbrel but he feels it is the same as Humira and strongly suggests Remecade. I need some direction. I really don't know what other choices there are, if any. Please help...

I am watching your replies with interest as I am about to see my rheumatologist to discuss humira or remicade for myself. I am wondering what would be best and how people have got on with them. I hope you receive plenty of replies. Good luck with whatever you end up doing I hope it makes you well.

Ronnie, Initially I was prescribed prednisone which really helped with the inflammation but caused some weight gain. The methotrexate injections helped for a while, as did the Humira. Some of the other blogs I've read had mixed reviews on all these RA meds (Enbrel,Humira, Remicade & Methotrexate). Some worked better than others. I just want the fatigue to disappear so my energy level picks up again. I've spoken to a few people that are on Remicade and it seems to really work for them. I guess it is going to be a trial and error situation. Time will tell. Hey, good luck to you as well. I never realized how many people were affected by RA. More than I ever imagined. Looking forward to some feedback as well.
Try to avoid Remicade if possible. It is effective, but remember that it is a chimeric monoclonal antibody that contains both mouse and human components. The problem is that some people develop antibodies to the foreign (mouse) parts. That can lead to various reactions and possibly a worse condition than existed to begin with.

On the other hand, Enbrel and Humira are both fully human. The main difference is that Enbrel is a fusion protein and Humira is a monoclonal antibody. Theoreticaly, Enbrel should be the lowest risk and is preferred as a first line approach. If it fails, then Humira would be the next step.
Thanks for your insight. Some of the info. I've been reading classifies Enbrel, Humira and Remecade as all biologics consisting of human genes. Didn't know about the rest of its components. I'm actually wondering if there is a hollistic approach to handling RA. I'm sure I'm not alone when it comes to hesitancy in taking these meds. They all seem to be paired with methotrexate and not given on their own. Methotrexate is what causes more fatigue that usual, atleast in my situationl. I'm sort leaning on staying with Humira a little longer to see if my condition improves. If anyone else has tried a hollistic approach to RA, I would love to hear any pros and cons about it. Thanks again.