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Hi Ronnie,
im afarid i dont actually have any experience of these drugs but know other people who have used them. Some people say they get the choice between the enbrel and humira first, from those i've spoken to choose humira as it is made from human protein as oppose to enbrel which is made from mice protein. As i've not actually researched this myself i dont know what the drugs are actually made from, only by what others have said. None of them have reported anything awful and feel much better in being able to move freely and less pain. I think it is down to individual though to see what works for them. Hope others will beable to give you some of their experiences. Keep us posted as to how appointment goes.
Best wishes
The TNF's are like this:

Enbrel = Fusion protein from human derived TNF-a receptor (no mouse). Binds to free TNF-a

Humira = Recombinant human monoclonal antibody - Binds to free TNF-a

Remicade = Chimeric monoclonal antibody with murine (mouse) and human components - Binds to free TNF-a

So, these are the 3 that bind to TNF-a. Enbrel is the only one that is not an antibody. The molecules basically float around like little sponges soaking up TNF. Theoretically the lease "invasive" as it is fully human AND not an antibody. Remicade is the highest risk as it is an antibody AND it has mouse parts in it. So, my advice is to start with the Enbrel and see how it does. I've been on it almost 3 years and is still working. The others can always be tried later if Enbrel doesn't fly.

Now, the real nuclear ones are these:

Amevive = Fusion protein of LFA-3 and human IgGL Fc region (immune globulin) - Eliminates T-cells by binding to natural killer (NK) cells

Raptiva = Humanized monoclonal antibody - Blocks T-cell activation in skin (only for psoriasis)

These actually go directly after immune system cells and modulate their number and/or activity. Pretty risky and should only be used after other bios have failed.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
Personally im on the prednisone, plaquenil, (was on methotrexate but had bad side effects) was on enbrel it worked some for a while but then the flares started more frequent & worse so dr switched me to humira every other week it helps 1st week of the shot but by 2nd week im in pain again dr said if it continues he will up it to once a week

Good Luck I hope they find the right combo for ya

Thats basically what this is trial & error finding the right combo to treat each person

Have faith & stick in there :)
I've been on Humira injections for a few months now and notice the difference. I am able to move better with less pain, obviously bit late for the deformities but definately helping. I am not saying the pain goes away but it is definately eased. My hubby does the injection into my thigh (or belly) once a fortnight and to be honest the solution stings to buggery for 10mins or so afterwards and I get slight swelling round the injection site, itchy and red for a few days but thats about it. I recently had my blood results back as well and they are better than they have been so it is definately doing something. I would recommend this if you have the opportunity to have it as not everyone can due to funding etc.
Ur Rheumy if not nurse should give u a pack up/dvd etc to read up on and explain anything to you if any concerns. To be honest so far so go - I know its not cure but definately helps me. Worth a go.
Let us know how u get on.