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I am 28 and new to AS--I have joint pain in my wrists and hands and some back pain. My rheum. told me I have degeneration in my SI joints and inflammation around my sternum...I have been on 15mg of mobic for 1 year (pluspain meds as needed and tylenol as needed) but am now being told to try Humira...any advise for me about this drug??? I am scared of taking the next step and the long term effects..I am getting worse I know and will start medical school in the fall--the stress will only make me worse...any suggestions for meds? Thanks so much for your time and responses. I am up for trying dietary changes, meds, etc....thanks again.
Humira is a great drug. It has the potential to actually reverse some joint deterioration as well as prevent further deterioration. It takes a good 3 months for benefit to begin, but I highly recommend giving it a try. As far as side effects go, you do get immune suppressed, since thats what needs to happen to prevent joint damage, but in my 5 years of taking enbrel and humira I never once got a serious illness, just frequent colds. Just be sure to avoid highly contagious things like TB.
Hi Amy 2008 I have to agree with Wallis 86 I have been on humira.I am have my 7th injection on Monday and I feel great .I am still on all my other meds,till I see my Rheum in July and she will start to cut me back on the other meds. I tryed to stop my pain killers but that did not go to well for me so I went back on them till I see Rheum The only thing I found was If I did to much of any thing the pain was to much. I also have D.I.S.H and that does not help with the AS ( dish is the calcification & ossification of the ligements & tendons were thay join on to the bones) I have not had any side affects as yet but I am very happy so far, You can only try it for your self to see how it works. Hope you fell better.:angel: