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Hi Terri,

No I do not belong to any support groups, but I read everything I can about the disease, good old internet. Etoricoxib is the anti inflammatory I take (arcoxia) it is not a preventative it is a pain killer. My preventative is the Leflunomide (dmard). The injections your consultant spoke about would probably be the anti tnf meds like humira or enbrel. You will have to have an assessment to see if you can get the meds. (not sure about ireland but I had to have one). I have taken methotrexate but was very poorly on that, sulphasalazine was given to me and it did nothing, and spent a year on low dose steroids, best thing for the pain and inflammation, but bunged on a load of weight and my face got podgy. Stopped the steroids went on to Leflunomide and etoricoxib and pariet for my stomach. I have been told that pa responds well to enbrel (injection) but I wouldnt know. Thank goodness you have your daughters, I am so glad I have an understanding hubby and a wonderful son otherwise I would be so miserable. When do you see your rheumy again? What do you want to take for the disease? Have you looked them all up on the internet? Will give you some idea.

Gnite Ronnie