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Last year I itched over my whole entire body for about 8 months. No doctor (rheumatologist-two different ones as I have rheumatoid arthritis, primary care physican, dermatologist-went to two of them) could tell me what was going on. It was most distressing, as you can imagine. I suspected it was a reaction to some meds I was taking for the RA, but the doctors all said it didn't look like a drug eruption. There was a rash at first, but then it went away and there was just itching. I thought maybe I was crazy. It eventually went away. I am no longer taking Humira for the RA. I have started back on the Mobic and I also take Zoloft. The itching has not returned. Oh, and in all the itching confusion, I found out I had hypothyroidism, which they said could cause dry skin and, consequently, itching. I am now taking medication for that. I still don't know what caused the itching, but it was not only irritating, but painful. I scratched until I bled sometimes. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Hope everything works out.