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You'll find this out about anywhere on these boards, but methadone is not a "quick buzz" kind of drug. It's a long-acting narcotic, and can be useful for long term pain management. As has been said, it's also used to control withdrawal symptoms for people coming off stuff like heroin. I was on it for a while for my back pain, but I didn't like the side effects of feeling "doped" all the time, and slightly nauseated. But it acts very differently in the body from something like Hydrocodone (Lortab). And it can be very hard to get off of once you get deep into it.
i have been on methadone twice in my life..im 43 year old male....in 1984 i went on a clinic program for heroin addiction...i swore i would never take methadone again....for the last 4 years i was taking bupenorphine for opiate addiction/w/d's....i have chronic back problems also with my discs but i also have an addiction problem for taking pain meds for so long...since 1989 full time...used to take 40 -50 lortab 10's a day no problem....im now on methadone again but there are alot of mistruth and false info floating around...let me help clear it up if i may...methadone is a long acting opiate,pain med, so it will stay in your system longer than short acting opiates,ie lortab...the w/d's can be tramatic coming off lortab if done abruptly, and as with methadone...if you take your time and come off of methadone ever so slowly,the w/d's wont be that harsh....where we here methadone was hell,is from folks who did not wean/taper properly off the drug...the w/d's from hydrocodone can/are just as severe.......chef