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After several months on Cymbalta last year for spinal nerve pain, I told my doctor I wanted to stop taking it....I did not notice any improvement in the back pain and hated the side effects (severe headahces and sexual dysfunction).
I was taking 60 mg twice a day. I first cut the dose to one 60mg capsule a day for a couple weeks, then started taking 30mg capsules for a couple weeks. I was very dismayed at the terrible withdrawal symptoms. Prior to getting prescribed the Cymbalta, I had just endured withdrawal from darvocet, soma and hydrocodone (doctor supervised by the same physician). I wish the doc had told me that Cymbalta also had a bad withdrawal syndrome..I never would have started taking it. I had terrible brain zaps and much increased anxiety, as well as nausea and general malaise.
After getting down to 30 mg a day, I broke open all my capsules and poured the little beads into the pill bottle. Each day, I would wet my finger and take about half the amount of beads that were found in a 30 mg capsule....this went on for another week, then each day thereafter, I kept decreasing the amount daily until I was free.
The only good thing is that, unlike opiates, there was no craving during the withdrawal.....just physical discomfort.

It's been about 2 months since I totally stopped the Cymbalta...the brain zaps still occur infrequently...but otherwise I am ok