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I think this question was posed before, but I can't find it, so I apologize if this is a duplication. Also, I posted last week about needing to stop and I will post an update on me later (after the kids go to sleep and I have some quiet time).

It seems like some people have extreme wd's from hydrocodone and others not so bad. I wonder if maybe this is how the drug is taken, not just the length of time it was taken for and the amount taken.

For instance, I was able to stop ct with little symptoms, just being a real beotch and basically not a happy camper; while others whoses stories were similar to mine were experiencing a whole littany (sp?) of symptoms (flu like, RLS, etc...)

Anyone think there is a correlation between the wd symptoms and method of drug ingestion (taken orally vs injecting or snorting or however else you can take it)?

Hope everyone is having a good night!!