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Well, I did real well yesterday. We (me and the kids) stayed at my folks house Monday night and my hubby met us there after he got off work on Tuesday morning. My dad is in the process of drywalling one of the rooms downstairs and my sister and husband hung the drywall the day before and I came over to help with the mudding.

Let me tell you......I've never mudded before, but it was nice, mindless work; mind you though, my body ached after I was done with the first coat. I have severe bilateral carpal tunnel and I thought my arms were going to fall off after I was done, but it felt nice in a wierd way. Anyhow, I only took 2 hydrocodone (as prescribed) and no more!! I also had to take an aleve and my supplements, but I stuck to my prescription and didn't take any "to make me a more fun mommy". I'm quite proud of myself.

I also was able to get some exercise in the other day; I only did a 30-minute workout, but it was 1030pm and the kids were finally asleep, I think that if I did any longer I wouldn't have been able to sleep.

Today is starting off well also. My arms are still really hurting, I can feel all the cts bumps on my forearm, so I have taken my supplements, 1/2 hydro and 3 ibuprofins.

Wish me luck in sticking to things again today. Hope everyone has a good day!!