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Hi Theresa. I, too, was on hydrocodone for about a year, taking up to 16 pills a day. I went through w/d's a few times because my prescription ran out, so I know how bad it can be, but this last time (and it will be the last time) I tapered off slowly, and it really made a huge difference. The physical part wasn't nearly as bad, and I was actually able to go to work. The mental part was a little harder for me, but that goes away with time. I have a feeling you will get pretty bad anxiety and maybe depression, but if you stick it out, this does go away. I haven't been clean very long, but I feel pretty normal now and I am so glad I didn't give in when I started feeling anxious and depressed. I hope you can give yourself a chance to come as far as I have, because if you do, you will honestly believe that you can get better. If you can get through the first week, you will begin to see a difference for the better. One word of advice...When you finally stop, make sure you don't have any pills lying around...You will be tempted and won't be very strong. You can do this, Theresa...I thought I was a hopeless case, and I'm living proof that it can be done. Please keep us posted.