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Great job on the 2 days!! It will get easier with each day that passes! When I found out I was pg for the 3rd time, I was on hydrocodone and diazepam for an injury and had to stop ct. I don't really remember any wd's though....maybe because I was only taking small prescribed doses, who knows :)

I'm on day 5 and am doing great! For the legs, try a hot epsom salt bath, it really seemed to help me. Also, for the weepiness, I have no suggestions, but I have had that too, but I think it's more attributed to PMS...what a great time for that too start! LOL I have also been feeling kind of down, but I was able to get some exercise in today and go out and play with my kids (ages 4yr, 23 months and 8 months) and I think the fresh air has helped. I also find that if I keep busy then I don't have a chance for my mind to wander to the pills.

I forgot to mention that it may help to try and eat healthier. Bananas work wonders for the leg cramps and I have also been eating a lot of salad and apples...for some reason I crave apples big time! I have indulged in the occasional bowl (and I mean a BOWL) of ice cream, but for the most part I've been watching things. I'm actually down 1.5 pounds from when I started 5 days ago!

Good luck in the coming days and enjoy your Easter. Keep us posted on your progress!!