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Oh....my....god......ok, so I don't have w/d's since the doc put me back on the hydrocodone, but jeeze louise.....DH got sick last night and I assumed he had food poisoning,since it was coming out both ends...that'll teach me for laughing at him....now I have it coming out and I feel like crud!! My legs won't stop moving, my tummy is upset, joints ache, can't bend for that matter, headache....you get the picture.

In the posts at the top that tell you that you may experience what seems like the worst flu of your life, this must be it. When I was w/d'ing from the hydros before I never experienced this.

Anyhooooo....to all of you who have had to go through this feeling this way, my hat goes off to you and if you can make it through this then you can make it through anything! I'll be sending positive thoughts to everyone here who is w/d'ing.