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I am on day 11 CLEAN of Hydrocodone use. 36years old male wt. 175lbs. I have take Lortab for the last year and a half (40 to 60mg for the last 9 months). I stopped cold turkey, with no use of anything except for 1/2 of an Zanax every now and then to fight the depression (It still comes and goes quite often, sometimes more severe than others. In conjunction, I do not have all my energy back).

MY QUESTION IS??? Before I started taking this, I weighed 205lbs (overweight). 14 months ago, I gave up seconds (eating) for Lent and when Easter came, I liked the idea of continuing and just eating one portion. However, as my addiction and dependence continued and I started taking more, I kept loosing weight. I did notice several months back that taking it on an empty stomach increased the effect of the drug. I have been at 170 to 175 for the past month or 2 now (my high school & college weight).

Part of the reason that I chose to quit (other than it was ruining my life - all were Dr.s Prescriptions) was starting to wonder if something was wrong with me because of the weight loss. Since quitting and getting my appetite back, I have eaten fast foods and larger portions and have really not seen any increase in weight gain, maybe a pound or two. I do stay rather busy as I work then come home and run my own part time business. Has anyone else experienced this weight loss? I have a 2 year old son and a wonderful wife and the last week, I have had this daggering FEAR that something could be really wrong with me. Perhaps it's just the terrible depression that comes with coming off this devil of a drug after a year and a half. Please help if you can.