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Someone close to me has a history of admitted drug abuse and addictive personality (drugs and alcohol). He was in a serious accident about 3 months ago and has been prescribed either Oxycodone and Hydrocodone since the accident. It has become obvious that he cannot go without the drugs for more than a day without becoming physically ill and what seems to be other traditional signs of W/Ds. I have questioned him about it and off course there is always a reason why he is low or out of meds. I suspected something was up so today I looked in his room and his prescription that should have lasted 30 days was empty after only be refilled 5 days ago. I cannot think of another reason why this would happen other than either selling them or taking them excessively. I have read some of your comments on this site. They have really opened my eyes and confirmed some ideas I already had. Can you please advise me what I should do and how I should handle this situation???? Thanks