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I am 34 y/o and have suffered many health problems in the past 5 - 7 years and consequently have found myself addicted to pain meds on and off. I've had many surgeries and found that I enjoyed the way the pain meds made me feel and eventually found myself taking way more pain meds than I needed to. The scripts would run out and so would the meds and I'd be off the pills again until the next time I had surgery. I was only on them for an extended period of time once and it was for about 8 months. The other times were for about two or three months at a time and there has always been almost a year or more in between surgeries.

I never had surgery or faked anything to get the pain pills and I've never bought them illegaly. I've had a tumor in my uterus resulting in a complete hysterectomy, I've had about 18 inches removed from my colon, I've also had breast augmentation, I've had my appendix removed, and I'm about to have a complete colectomy. I also have back problems from a herniated disc that is now causing severe pain in my back and leg because it is impinging on a nerve.

Two weeks ago I went to the Pain Management Clinic hoping to get the steroid injections for the pain in my leg and he wants to do an MRI first. In the meantime he gave me a prescription for 240 Vicodin (a 30 day supply; he said I can take 8 a day.) Oh, yeah it's actually the generic Hydrocodone 7.5/325MG. Well, I went quickly from following directions and taking two at a time to taking 6 at a time three times a day. Obviously my prescription is going to run out early. This frightens me that I am taking so much because now that isn't even enough. I take it and I can't even tell I've taken anything, not only does it not seem to be helping my pain but it isn't even giving me that "buzz" that I was after when I increased the dose to begin with and now I'm afraid I'll take too much and something will happen to me.

I want to detox myself but I have a few questions. I already read the post on here about home detox and how to do it but will it be any easier since I've only been taking it for two weeks? I know I take a lot but before two weeks ago I haven't had any pain meds in about six or eight months. The other things is, I have to have my entire colon removed soon and I know I'm going to have to have pain meds for that. Won't I just get addicted again? What do people like me do when we're addicted to narcotics but you actually need pain relief? I'm so afraid I'll just end up right back here addicted again. I just want to stop and stop for good. I hate that I keep doing this to myself!! It's just that all I remember is how good it makes me feel, not how bad I hate it when it gets out of control. GGrrrrr!!! I'm tired of starting and stopping and starting and stopping. I just want to get off them and stay off them but with this surgery coming up???

I have plenty of pills left to taper I guess I should just start tapering right away tomorrow, do you think? I tried to go cold yesterday but I felt way too sick.

I'm sorry this was so long but any answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated!!