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Why won't anyone respond to the thread I posted yesterday? I really need help and some answers. Is it because it was too long? It's weird how you sort of feel rejected when no one answers your posts. Here I am being ignored by total strangers and yet it bothers me, go figure? I'm just looking for some support and I was hoping I could find it here.

I'm sorry, I can sum it up again quickly. I'm taking about 20-25 pills a day. They are 325mg hydrocodone pills. (Vicodin 7.5/325) I need to start weaning myself down but I'm afraid to.

I've been addicted on and off for years and this time I've only been taking them for about two-three weeks. My question is do you think it will be easier to get off them since I haven't been taking them very long this time? Or will it be the same as it would if I had been taking them for a long time since I'm taking so much?

Hi Adventurer - I'm not sure if because its only been 2 weeks if it will be any easier, as everyones body is different. You are on an awful lot of pills though, More than I think you said in your first post. (I went and found it) I know what its like not to be responded to, too. At first, My doc told me to try and ween. I tried, didn't work. Mostly because, the pills were THERE. If they are there, you will take them. And yes, you will probably end up addicted again after your surgery.

I'm on an outpatient suboxone program now, to detox from Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, what have you. What my Doc has told me, is, if I need surgery or break my leg, I can go back on these pills. But after, I must return to the suboxone program. Even after I get off the suboxone program, if in 5 years I break something, I will take the percs, then go on suboxone for a short time so as not to begin an addiction again.

No one should have to be in pain, just because they are addicted. Just be honest wi. your docs, or find an addiction doc, they can start you, and help you with the surgery and aftercare.

So try and ween, if it doesn't work, tell your doc, or find an addiction doc, or suboxone doctor. You can have surgery, and be an pain killer addict, and be treated for pain. Its just a little tricky. Perhaps thats why no answers. But it can be done!! Hope this helps a little - sherbear38