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Hi bubbles....Just wanted to jump in here and say hello....I've been in PM for 10+ years and have experience with both the patch and Lortab. I can help if needed.

I would talk to the Doc @ your next appt and see how it goes. Tapering down in the patches would be the best route. However, the reason I decided to jump in here is this.....I would be careful on what PM route you take from there if you in fact need PM going forward. The reason being is that fentanyl is the strongest med out there and your tolerance probably has shot through the roof....Lortab is baby aspirin compared to the patch. Therefore, I'm not sure you'll get any real pain relief.

If your pain is responding to the patch, and you in fact need pain control, I would look seriously into going a different route. I recently switched from the patch (due to nationwide availability issues) to Avinza, which is LA morphine. I was apprehensive @ first because the word "morphine" sounded so big and powerful. In reality, it's weaker than fentanyl. It took a little adjusting to get the dose right in terms of converting, but I've been very pleased with it. Morphine oral has low bioavailability and has virtually no high....It doesn't cause excited pathways like morphine IV does. I take the Avinza once a day, and I'm good to go from there. I do need some BT meds, but not as much as I used to. My pain is also very bad compared to most.

I really don't think Lortab or anything similar will address your pain, unless you've made some serious recovery strides. Additionally, even if you have, your tolerance is so high, that the pain may not respond to Hydrocodone. This would be something to ask your Doc about.

Just wanted to throw this out there for you to think about.

Take care,