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Hi Jane,

I'm an addict that does not have easy access to drugs. Last summer I had a 3 month supply of a variety of pain killers. Even though I never took a lot at a time, I took them everyday until they were gone. I was in denial. I went through withdrawal without too much trouble. My problem since has been the mental anguish - the constant craving. I've had a few scripts for hydrocodone since then for pain and I felt like a kid with candy. Oh, I made them last - 2 a day for 10 days. I have clonazapam for anxiety that helps but it sure is not the pills I crave. Honestly, the physical withdrawal was nothing compared to perpetual thoughts of getting more. You should feel better as far as the "fog" goes soon, but be prepared for some depression and cravings. Sorry I'm not offering the advise you need as I have not found it myself.

Best wishes,