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Thanks so much for replying, Mags. :) We 'do' sound very much alike. I read your OP in "My New Day" and it was very touching. I got all teary. It really gave me a lot of inspiration. You're a very strong person; not to mention positive. What a great thread for everyone to read. I hope you are doing well. How many days have you been clean? What was the worst part of w/d? Do you have any advice on quitting smoking at the 'same' time as detoxing or should I hold off on that?

Now the 2nd hard part...picking my start date. I'm going away for a few days and don't want to be sick so.....see? I'm making excuses already. I guess I'll have to wait til I get home. But I'll write out my plan today and stick to it. I'll also start a journal as you suggested. If for nothing else, to go back and read how miserable the first few days were...that should keep me from cheating.

I plan on doing a slow taper. Since I have plenty (NOT a good thing), I think I'll do 2/day for a week, 1/day for a week and then 1/2 a day for a week. Does that sound reasonable and would it lessen the w/d symptoms? The 3rd hard part....I'll then have to toss the other bottles. That's a very scary thought. I really have to get past that. Not having any around? I guess that's the mental part you're talking about.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. When the day comes, next week, I'm sure I'll be online a lot for support. I've read a lot here and the people all seem so wonderful. It was amazing you were my first reply because your "My New Day" thread really touched me most...hmmmm...maybe it was a sign. ;)

So...I intend to stay positive yet take baby steps. One minute at a time.
I intend to stick to my plan and let nothing change it.
I intend to keep busy and exercise more...maybe read a good book.
I intend to eat healthier and stay away from alcohol. (at least during w/d...I'm a social drinker)
I intend to, within 30 days, be 100% free of hydrocodone!
I intend to STAY clean for the rest of my life to prolong my life so I can:
watch my grand daughter go to her first day of kingergarten
watch my grand daughter play sports and maybe a musical instrument
watch my grand daughter graduate from high school and then college
cry at my grand daughter's wedding
cry as I hold my great grandchild

Sorry I went on...that was more for me than for anyone else. You can see my grand daughter is my 2nd reason for quitting...I'm the 1st.

Will keep you informed, Mags. Thanks so, so much!
Emsmom, Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear your doing well. I've been reading some of your other posts. Kidney stones...oh, no! I will keep you in my prayers.

After reading your taper program, I'm a bit confused on if I'm doing mine slow enough. ?? I only take 3 pills/day = 15mg of hydrocodone. Maybe I'll adjust again. ??

My taper began yesterday so now I'm down to 12.5mg and planned on staying on that for 7-10 days. Then drop to 10mg for 7-10 days, 7.5mg 7-10 days, 5mg 7-10 days, 2.5 7-10 days then 0! I feel like I'm dragging it out too long. You seemed to detox very quickly. That's what I want to do. Get it over with. Any suggestions?

I'm doing this without medical supervision. I didn't feel I needed it since I only took 3 (max) per day. You all seem extremely knowledgeable in the tapering system. Just wondering if my 'new' one sounds OK or too drawn out. Would love advice.