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Hi everyone...I'm back at work today. It should be day 10 for me, but unfortunately I had my outpatient surgery on Monday and they gave my oxycodone (Norco) again and the pain was so bad I had to take it. I have not abused it and I don't plan on it. I am staying strong.

I'm worried how it will affect my recovery. I had 7 full days without any pain meds and then on the 8th day I had minor surgery. While at the hospital they gave me demerol (sp?) and fentynol (sp?) and a prescription for Norco (hydrocodone) to take home. I had to fill the prescription because I was in so much pain. I've been taking two 10 - 325mg every 4 hours for the pain since Monday. They gave me a 30 day supply. I have to make a long car trip this weekend which will be very painful for me so I will need to take them then as well. I'm worried I'm going to be addicted again...It irritates me because I was past the w/d and feeling great. Now when this is all over I'll have to go through all that again, won't I?

I'm also under a lot of stress because not only am I worried about my health problems, but my grandfather was flown to the hospital on Monday morning with a collapsd lung. He lives all the way across the US and I haven't seen him in 2 years, I hope he's going to be ok. He's 82 years old! His wife died in August 2 years ago...this worries me. Anyway, my point is, with all this stress I have to make sure I don't turn to the pills.

I'm sorry for rambling...thank you for giving me the place and space to vent. This website is awesome and so are all of you who give me and others such wonderful support. Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without you!