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Lapis136, What I call Hydros is Hydrocodone, the chemical name. The brand name is Lorcet and I think Vicodin has hydrocodone in it. I have never heard of Dihydrocodiene, but I'm assuming it's a pain killer if your surgeon gave it to you. I know Diazepam is a benzo, and is used for nerves. I hope you don't have to take the meds to much longer, I know you said you have been on it for months. When you ask what I have tried to do, do you mean how did I come off the Lorcet and how am I staying off? I have been addicted for over 10yrs and went ct many times and went back, this time I meant if with all my heart and it was hard and some days are ruff, but better than before. After being on them so long, I couldn't imagine like without my pill, thought I couldn't get out of bed in the mornings without them. It's hard to fight now because my husband had knee re-placement and he had to have pain medicine, and to just know it's here at first was pure hell, but then I remember what they did to me and I go on. If you've been on them long and want to get off try to taper off and see if that helps, but one thing I know is it's a battle and you have to want it with all your heart. There are alot of people one this board with good advice and really care so keep posting and I hope you get the answers you looking for. You are in my prayers, LOL, Fiesty