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I've had my ups and downs with my addiction vics, percs, blues, hydrocodone. I've relapsed about 10 times. I've been kinda clean if you call clean not taking my drug of choice for 45 days give or take. I have a Dr. who has prescribed subutex. I started taking 8mg, then 4mg, now i'm down to 1mg a day. But I still feel trapped! I know I don't wanna go back to taking vics again. But I feel like I will never be the way I was unless I have subutex. The Dr wants me to get off them but when I try I get depressed, or basically I start having withdrawls. I'm kinda worried that when I go to my next app. he's not gonna give me anymore. I have questions will my brain ever go back to producing what it used to before I abused pills? Are there alot of side affects from subutex? Is subutex as bad as vics? Do people get off subutex if you have an addictive personality? I guess I'll start there