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I've done a hydrocodone taper before and would like to share my thoughts.

My story is different, but the dependency issue is the same. Here is how it went:

I told my doctor. He said that my wife had to hold the pills. The doctor set it up as 1 .750 hydro every 4 hours, or six a day. My wife also needed to know that no matter how much I wined and cried for a pill, I didn't get one until my dose was due.

Two days into this regiment of one pill every four hours got a little ugly. I was counting seconds until my dose came up for what seemed to be about two hours of relief. I honestly didn't think I was going to make it. About 10 days in was when I felt well enough to know that "ah, yes, my tolerance has been reduced." Now in my case, a reduction was needed, about 10 percent, and the cycle starts over. Yours may be different.

My point is that it seems almost the same for everyone: they want to reduce or get off and can't do it on their own. Their has to be a someone who will force the self-control that the pills have robbed you of. When we step over the line into self-medicating is when the "addiction monster" starts taking control. The pills are not only used for the pain, but are also being used as a substitute for facing challenging issues in life. I see that in your post, and a cry for help as well--something that we all end up doing. It is the real "you" wanting your life back.

Good luck,