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Hey Sox

I have been in PM for about 8 years I guess for chronic back issues. Had many procedures done...no surgery although it was recommended...just didn't want to go there. I would say that for the first 6-7 years, I hovered around the 3 hydrocodone doseage a day, sometimes less sometimes more. Hit a couple of rough patches and the doseage went up to a high of 6 per day, then back down to 5.

One thing that I observed in myself at least, is that the pain pills themselves seem to beget pain. The more you take and the more regularly, the more noticeable pain seems to become. At some point I would feel a twinge of pain and determine that I must need to take another pill. They may lower tolerance overall to pain.

I recently decided to just get off of them and learn to live with whatever pain I am going to have. I don't believe there is a future in taking pills indeterminably into the future and I believe there is a mental dampering even though you don't realize it at the time.

At my dose, I have to say that the withdrawals haven't been all that horrible. I am down to 1/2 pill a day...probably could have made it without that half dose today. Had a headache and some dizziness. The worse aspect is the skin crawling at night which leads to sleeplessness, which I believe might be mitigated with a temporary stint on taking klonipin at night. My dr gave me a weeks worth, hope that does it. I tapered really quick too, going from like 5 per day to 3 to 1.5 to .5 in about a week's time.