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Its now October 2008! This happened starting in January 2008~ It all started with recreational use by taking 3 or 4 Watson Hydrocodone 10/650's.. I never even heard of them, as I am a good kid, never do drugs.. my friend said, hey try these they will make you feel great!~ I used them for an occasional high maybe three times a week- at night. I then started taking them more and more, it went from occasionally at night, to taking them every night, then starting them about lunch time.. I used to could just take around 5 a day starting at lunch, and still have a high around bedtime at say 2am.. I have NEVER taken over 9 of these pills in a 24 hour period.. Now I have started for sure taking them everyday for a total of 4 months.. EVERYDAY! I try to stick to around 5, but I have a short time high, and 5 is now what it takes to stay away from withdrawals per day!

I can use 5 and not have withdrawals, starting the first one in the a.m., finishing the last one at bedtime. This has taken over my life! I am spending so much money a month on this, and I don't even enjoy it.. I just can't handle the withdrawals.. THEY ARE TERRIBLE! I have tried it going atleast two days, and then relapse.. I tell myself everytime, oh I will stop tomorrow.. It never happens.. They are going to start soon, and hit me hard.. I don't know what to do.. I can't go to rehab, and I just need something to continue a normal life, and not get withdrawals, but stop using! Should I do it cold turkey and just suffer, or do you recommend me trying suboxone? or should I go to the e.r. and tell them whats up? I just can't handle the withdrawal at all or I will keep on and on.. I don't want that, I don't want to get in trouble or worse death!
how are you getting the hydrocodone? If it's friends or aquaintances, you may have to stay away from them for a while until you get over the withdrawals.