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Well i want to tell you i am new to posting to healthboard but i am not new to all of you. I have been watching and readingall of you post for about 3 months now but i have been to chicken to write about my MAJOR problem.

I have been addicted to Hydrocodone for about 5 years now, I got into a car wreck and was subscribed Vicadin only about 30 a month but after about 2 years i moved Norco in the tune of 120 10mg a month and well you all know the story after time that was not enuff. I now get about 400 a month from varius places. I never seem to need anytype of help UNTIL i run out (yes run out). As my name states I know i need help and have for a very long time. I have a very addictive personality that i have struggled with my whole life. As a teen i was addicted to meth but one day i just said no more and it was easy. Since that i got married had 4 gteat kids one is my neice i take care of becouse her mom is still on meth. Please do not paint a picture of me, i have a great life, nice house, paid off new car(not bragging at all,trust me i do not have the write) and i make over $150 a year and the wife makes $60 so am am not just a looser. Well i have to admit after reading i do sound like a looser.

I have watched all of you talk to each other and find help and i need that. i have no one i can talk to becouse yes my wife knows but to berdin her with my screw up is not fair and to tell her i can nt bear the WD pain to tell her i cant go to work, i cant even stand up when i am out. I do not know when it was that i let this get so out of hand but as a 33 year old man that has many friends and a perfect family i cant control it and i am scared. i ran out yesterday and do not have a place to get them til tuesday or wednesday so you all know how i feel. i wish i could just stop time around me and i would just fight this out but that is only on tv TVO. Anyway i know this was a long post, and a whinny one but i hope that i find streangth in all of you. Thank you from anyone who reads this and does not judge me, I know where i am trust me!

Sorry about the spelling I just type fast then spell check but ispell check did not work, well i hope you can read it.