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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Suboxone is 8 mg., Subutex is just a fraction of that. Suboxone is given (IMHO!!) in WAY too high of a quantity, not substantiating or even taking into consideration the amount of narcotic you were taking before.

As an example...if you were on hydrocodone, the dosage of suboxone should be amended to the amount of hydrodone, but instead, they give you quadruple the amount of suboxone ... for what reason? Because that is standard procedure! Suboxone is such a potent drug, they should start out at .5 mg. and start up from there, according to one's usage....but no, they would never take that into consideration.

I have been on Subutex, and it's helped immensely...but Suboxone? 8 mg.? That's crazy.