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I am new to this board and I have been poking around reading some of the post and since I decided that I need help I figured I would join this great community and try and kick my addiction. Let me start from the beginning. In May of 2007 I was diagnosed with a testical problem. I was put on a bunch of antibiotics and steriods and oh yeah those little blue devil pills called hydrocodone/lortab. At first I hated taking them because they made me sick so from May 2007 to around September 2007 I only took them when I really could no longer take the pain. Soon after that I was no longer getting sick and liked the way the pills were now making me feel. So from September 2007 to the present which is a little over a year I have been abusing the pills. I have been taking anywhere from 4 to 8 Lortab 10/500 a day. Never more than 8 a day and that has not been many times. I would also like to say that I had a cocaine problem that I kicked on my own over 20 years ago and have not touched it since so I would really like to try and wean myself off of the pills on my own. I have about 50 pills left can anyone suggest what I should start taking starting today to start the weaning process? I also have the week of Thanksgiving off from work so that should help with some of the wd. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
I am certainly not an expert on this area and am going through the same thing you are. My drug of choice is Hydrocodone 10/325. I have been on them for over 2 years. I was on six pills per day two weeks ago. Last week I tapered down to five pills per day with little w/d's. This week, I am down to four pills per day, with little w/d's. Next week, I will take three, and so on. Each taper, I am on them for seven days. I get up from my desk three times a day and take mini walks, because my legs ache some. I started on vitamins regularly two weeks ago too. I told my PCP everything two weeks ago, and she referred me to a Pain Management doctor to help me with the taper. I meet with him next week. I know too well the anxiety you are feeling right now, the fear of running out of pills. Take some deep breaths and tell yourself that you want to do this and you CAN do this. I have times when I feel like bursting into tears and then I have times when I feel I am the strongest I have ever been. From what I have read here, admitting that you have a problem is the first good step. My PCP told me that too. She said that I was on the right path, having admitted that I do have a problem. You are not alone right now. We are all going through this or have gone through this. There are very helpful people on this board, and I know that part of the reason I get through my days are because of these people. We share our pain almost daily and just having someone tell you that it is normal is a great feeling. Have you thought about telling your doc about your situation and want to wean yourself off? Take care and we are all thinking about you.